I am Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru, Honourable Speaker of Ebonyi State House of Assembly, and the All Progressives Congress (APC) Gubernatorial Candidate of Ebonyi State. I am a destiny child who grew from grass to grace through dint of hard work, determination and God’s Grace. In all my struggles and strides, I strived to be the best at everything, even though opportunities were limited. Right from my young age, I explored my environment and was never idle for any reason.

I shall run the Government of Ebonyi State on the principle of People’s Charter of Needs. The Charter shall be based in open Governance and performance management, with the aim to make decisions through citizens’ input while focusing on outcomes and outputs. I shall hold town hall meetings with the people of Ebonyi State and residents to ensure that Government, citizens and organized private sector work together to implement and sustain people grown Governance. I will rely on my core values of humility, integrity and accountability in serving you as the Governor of Ebonyi State.

These and many more we will achieve together, through:


Where We Are In Education
The literacy level in Ebonyi State has improved to a point that the State is out of the map of the Educationally disadvantaged States in Nigeria. This is due to the establishment of various innovative Institutions of learning in Ebonyi State. Some of them include, the King David Gifted Academy, Ebonyi State Vocational College and David Umahi Federal University of Health Sciences, Uburu, among others.

In order to further improve on the sector, my administration shall emphasize on entrepreneurship, skill acquisition and education for economic self-reliance at all levels and strengthening of the sector per zone, including its leadership, through;

a. Improvement of the infrastructure and welfare of Ebonyi State University (EBSU) and College of Education.
b. Upgrading the infrastructure and status of Ebonyi State College of Education, Ikwo.
c. Strengthening of Tertiary Institutions and improving their infrastructural needs in Ebonyi State.
d. Promotion of vocational and technical education at all levels.
e. Rebuilding of more public schools and provision of amenities.
f. Provision of teaching and learning materials.
g. Increased effective monitoring and supervision.
h. Training and retraining of teachers in public schools.
i. Engagement of more teaching personnel in public schools.
j. Reactivation of Parents Teachers Association (P.T.A) system and community participation in education delivery.
k. Partnership with Private Schools Owners to enhance quality education in Ebonyi State.
l. Partnership with faith-based organizations for improved moral and civic education.
m.Strengthening of Ebonyi State Scholarship System with priority to indigent and outstanding scholars.
n. Revitalization of boarding school system in our secondary schools.
o. Establishment of education reward system.
p. Introduction of Ebonyi State Education Trust Fund.
q. Introduction of Annual Science, Technology and Arts Fair and Competition.
r. Strengthening of adult education to reduce adult illiteracy.
s. Rebuilding of the library system across the State for improved reading culture.
t. Periodic convocation of Education Summit in Ebonyi State.
u. Introduction of our dialects in the curriculum of our primary and secondary schools.
v. Payment of priority attention to school safety and security.
w. Teaching of Sciences and Technology in Igbo language.
x. Ensuring that no child of Ebonyi State will be out of school for any reason.
y. Reviving Public Schools to compete with private schools anywhere in Nigeria.
z. Building of Aeronautical Engineering school in Ezza.
aa. Building of University of ICT, Science and Technology in Offerekpe, Izzi.


Where We Are In Health
There is an infrastructural overhaul of the three tiers of healthcare delivery in Ebonyi State. Some of them are, the virology centre, a world class referral hospital with centres of excellence – the David Umahi Federal University of Health Sciences and Teaching Hospital, Uburu and the thirteen (13) general hospitals, including the magnificent new FETHA complex.

In full cognizance that Health is wealth, my administration shall be committed to improve healthcare delivery in the State, through:

a. Re-establishment of Ebonyi State University Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki.
b. Improvement of service delivery in the general hospitals.
c. Staffing and equipping of the existing primary healthcare development agencies to enhance quality services.
d. Strengthening midwife service scheme.
e. Introduction of regular free medical outreaches and health care awareness campaign, especially in underserved areas.
f. Collaboration with health care professionals, faith-based organizations and development partners in healthcare delivery.
g. Enhancement of capacity of health care professionals through exchange programs and trainings.
h. Introduction of medical volunteer service scheme to support health care delivery in the State.
i. Provision of Government Community health scheme for the less privileged and vulnerable ones.
j. Supporting Ebonyi State Health Insurance Scheme.
k. Provision of Health insurance scheme for Ebonyians of 80 years and above.


Where We Are In Agriculture
The State policy of one-man one-hectare has contributed to food security in the State. Agriculture has been promoted as the commonest second address in Ebonyi State.

We will further develop our Agricultural system through practical farming. Being an agrarian state with arable land, favourable climate for Agriculture and hardworking farming population, the vision of my administration is to adopt a practical approach to Agricultural productivity to increase food production for security, job creation and livelihood, through:

a. Provision of Agricultural inputs and services to PRACTICING FARMERS.
b. Revitalization of Agricultural Extension Services to farmers to provide them with modern farming techniques.
c. Support farmers with agro-processing and value chain services, such as food packaging, preservation, and marketing.
d. Promotion of Graduate Agricultural scheme.
e. Restoring the dignity of Agriculture through school and demonstration farm project, at all levels.
f. Revitalization of veterinary institutions and services across the senatorial zones.
g. Re-activation of Nkaliki poultry farm and Ezzamgbo farm complex.
h. Strengthening of Farmers Cooperative Societies.
i. Deepening of one-man one-hectare Agricultural scheme.
j. Providing soft loans to Farmers in Ebonyi State.
k. Establishment of a composite Commission where farmers products are purchased by Government.


Where We Are In Ease of Doing Business
A basic condition for businesses to thrive is security. In Ebonyi State, the introduction of 24 hours lightning of the streets has greatly improved security of business and longer hours of business operations in the State.

I am aware that the business community is a critical partner in the development of every society. Conscious of the need to provide a favourable business climate, my administration will:

a. Establish a Business Community Forum for regular review of business activities in Ebonyi State.
b. Harmonize and liberalize taxation.
c. Eliminate third parties in the revenue collection mechanism.
d. Provide enabling environment to attract local and direct foreign investments.
e. Enhancement of the business environment for job and wealth creation.


Civil and Public Services are the backbone for the implementation of Government programs and policies. These core segments of the population will form critical partners to drive the development agenda of my administration. We will achieve this through:

a. Ensuring regular promotion of workers and prompt payment of salaries, pensions, and gratuities.
b. Provision of employment opportunities.
c. Provision of incentives to motivate workers.
d. Partnership with senior citizens to mentor civil and public servants.
e. Expansion of housing schemes for workers.
f. Training and retraining of the State workforce for improved service delivery.


I am convinced that developing human capital is the surest route to empowering citizens and adding value to our economy; and that a well- ordered society is a function of reformed minds. My administration shall commit to growing a large number of skilled and knowledgeable citizens with attitudinal formations, through:

a. Establishment of the directorate of attitudinal change and discipline.
b. Profiling and empowerment of skilled citizens whose products and services will be needed both within and outside the State.
c. Promotion of vocational and technical education for skills enhancement.
d. Partnership with local technologists and fabricators (artisans).
e. Strengthening of Micro, Small and Medium Scale enterprises (MSMSEs).
f. Paying due attention to the wellbeing of the people (‘Stomach infrastructure’).
g. Improvement of Ebonyi State Transport System and Services.


Where We Are In Women And Child Care
In other to ensure adequate protection of the rights of Women and the Girl Child, Ebonyi State has passed the Child Right Law, the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Law and end female genital mutilation – FGM. The State, as well, has a tremendous percentage of Women in Government positions.

My administration will further run a gender sensitive Government, while sustaining the protection of the rights of the Girl Child, through:

a. Increase in women participation in politics and governance.
b. Prohibition of Gender-Based Violence.
c. Elimination of Female Genital Mutilation.
d. Promotion of Free maternal and child health care.
e. Support girl child education.
f. Promotion of marriage and family support programmes.


Water is life and my administration shall be committed to increase provision and access to quality water supply through:
a. Reactivation of existing water schemes across the State.
b. Reticulation of water to rural and urban areas.
c. Provision of regular water supply in the State.


Ebonyi State is richly blessed with abundant mineral resources, such as lead, zinc, salt, limestone, etc., spread across the various Local Government Areas. My administration shall:

a. Strengthen existing solid mineral policy to enhance investment opportunities.
b. Enhance host community participation in mineral exploration and ensure optimal benefits to the people.
c. Protect host communities from environmental hazards, arising from solid minerals exploration and exploitation.
d. Establishment of solid mineral processing factories.


Where We Are In Internal Security
The State has consistently employed alternative conflict resolution mechanism, in providing solutions to crisis. One of the highlights of the State’s Internal Security architecture is the establishment of Ebubeagu Security Outfit and community policing to protect lives and properties, in conjunction with other security agencies and the provision of Security Facilities, CCTVs and Infrastructural rehabilitations.

We will improve greatly in this sector, knowing fully well that the security of lives and property is the primary responsibility of Government. In recognition of growing security threats in our society, my administration will prioritize internal security in Ebonyi State through:

a. Establishment of community security forum.
b. Establishment of Ebonyi State Boundary and Reconciliation Commission to
delineate intra-state boundaries, reconcile, reconstruct and rehabilitate conflict areas.
c. Improvement of internal security based on community watch.
d. Strengthening the existing vigilante groups to partner with security agencies.
e. Peace building and conflict resolution.
f. Improving the quality services of Ebubeagu Security Outfit.


Where We Are In Power
‘Light and crime are in conflict’ – Ebonyi State introduced operation illuminate Ebonyi streets and roads, to fight crime and insecurity. The provision of Street Lights in Ebonyi State has increased safety, night life and business operations, with reduced crime rate.

I am aware that energy is a critical resource for industrial and overall socio- economic development of any society. My administration will leverage on the ongoing amendment of the power generation act, to provide alternative power supply in Ebonyi State, through:

a. Partnership with energy investors to provide alternative power supply for industrial and domestic use.
b. Deployment of alternate power supply (solar farm, etc.) to power street and traffic lights and other uses.
c. Renewable energy.
d. Re-introduction of rural electrification programme to energize our communities.
e. Introduction of gas generators to power most of our facilities like the Government House, Shopping Mall, Airport, etc.


Life and services in the contemporary world are driven by digital technology. My administration shall mainstream digital technology in service delivery, through:

a. The establishment of ICT Directorate.
b. The expansion of training of public and civil servants in ICT.
c. Provision of free internet services in public institutions.
d. Installation of digital surveillance systems in strategic areas in the State.
e. Strengthening of road security in the State, through digitalization.


Where We Are In Environment
Ebonyi State is adjudged one of the neatest States across the Nation. This is due to the State’s proactiveness and intentional policies to ensure that her citizens enjoy a healthy environment. An environmental friendly society is a requisite for productivity and healthy living. In recognition of the challenges created by climate change and other environmental hazards, my administration shall:

a. Recruit and deploy more environmental health workers to drive Ebonyi State environmental policies.
b. Establish Ebonyi State Waste Management Agency.
c. Revitalize waste recycling system for wealth creation.
d. Partner with environmental protection agencies and the organized private sector for improved performance.
e. Sustain flood and erosion control programs.
f. Promote Green Ebonyi Initiative.


Where We Are In Sports And Youths Development
Ebonyi State now boasts of a solid foundation for Sports and Youths Development with the re-construction of Pa Ngele Oruta Township Stadium, the ongoing Olympic Stadium, school sporting competitions and empowerment programs. Sporting activities promote mental and physical development, social entertainment, unity, and economic gains. To this effect, my administration shall:

a. Partner with sports investors to establish male soccer team for Ebonyi State.
b. Promote grassroots sports development in schools and non-school communities.
c. Establish Ebonyi State Sports Academy.
d. Strengthen the State annual sports festival and competitions.
e. Complete the ongoing Olympic Stadium to boost sports development in the State.


Culture and Tourism is a viable sector that my administration seeks to harness. This is in addition to promoting our cultural identity and leisure. We will achieve these through:

a. Introduction of annual State wide cultural festival.
b. Identification, development, and marketing of exiting tourist sites in Ebonyi State.
c. Promotion of our indigenous language and culture.
d. Establishment of Ebonyi State cultural centre to house museums and archives.
e. Revitalization of parks and recreation centres.


Housing is acknowledged as a basic human need, to that effect, my administration shall:

a. Re-establish Ebonyi State Housing Development Corporation.
b. Establish a master plan for the coordination of environmental friendly estate development.
c. Partner with Federal Housing Authority and the organized private sector to provide affordable housing in Ebonyi State.


17. INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT, MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE Where We Are In Infrastructure Development Ebonyi State has become a reference point for all things innovative and solid in infrastructure. We introduced the concept of concrete pavement in infrastructure and constructed over 1500km roads on concrete pavement. The Ebonyi International Airport - The biggest International Airport in Nigeria is near completion. Over 15 twin flyovers completed and numerous roundabouts with water fountains to boost tourism, completed. We have the biggest and most beautiful Government House in Africa, to add to the dignity and status of the young State. There is the Ebonyi Mall – A Dubai Model Mall, completed and in use. Equally, the St. Margaret Umahi International Market, completed with subsidiaries in the Local Government Areas. These are huge economic drivers and foundations for the upward growth of Ebonyi State. My administration envisions consolidation and sustenance of existing infrastructure in the State and develop a policy that will be cost-saving, effective and efficient, through: a. Strengthening of Infrastructure management and maintenance policy for the State. b. Establishment of a maintenance unit in each ministry, department, and agency of Ebonyi State Government. c. Exploration of alternative energy sources for the maintenance and expansion of the streetlights. d. Partnership with communities and end-users of existing infrastructure to protect them from vandalization. e. Expansion of rural and urban infrastructure.


The Body of Christ, His Church, has remained the foundation of our successes in Ebonyi State. Our visions, missions, and actions are a product of Divine Mandate. As such, our administration will continue to anchor our roadmaps on the precepts of God to serve His people, through:

a. Sustaining the relationship between the Government of Ebonyi State and Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).
b. Sustaining the relationship between the Government of Ebonyi State and Divine Mandate Pastors.
c. Ensuring adequate welfare of our Men of God.


Ebonyi State has become a reference point for the best road network in Nigeria. Today, we are known as the first State to set the pace in employing concrete pavement for our road infrastructures – a feat of 50 years guarantee. We have constructed over 1500km roads on concrete pavement. The present administration has not just built legacy roads but breath-taking flyovers, making the right of way easier and better. These road infrastructures are driven to improve the safety of our people and for the benefit of all road users.

To ensure the improvement and sustenance of our road infrastructure policies, our administration shall:

a. Expand our road infrastructures to rural areas. b. Employ global road technology to safeguard our roads and strengthen our economy. c. Strengthen our resolve in connecting our communities and improving the transportation of Agricultural produce through building of bridges. d. Introduction of flyovers at other strategic points in the State to further complement the magnificent ones done by the present administration. e. Cost-effective maintenance of the road infrastructures in place.


The present Government has laid solid foundations and created and in- road to turn Ebonyi State into a Commercial Hub to link the South East Nigeria with the Northern Nigeria, Calabar and Port Harcourt Sea Ports and also part of Cameroun. The International Airport in Ebonyi State and the major connecting road network in the State shall facilitate Commercialization. The location of St. Magareth Umahi International Market along Trans-Sahara Highway and the African Biggest Shopping Mall shall allow for Inter-Regional & Inter-African Nations Businesses and Commerce. The State has as well established three (3) Industrial Zones in the State as a commitment to encouraging rapid Industrialization in the State.

My Administration shall:

a. Search and admit more business moguls of repute to invest in our commercial facilities.
b. Partner with business people to establish their subsidiaries in Ebonyi State.
c. Empower Ebonyi People with business talents and ideas within and across the nation to develop themselves and boost our economy.
d. Ensure that Ebonyi People who are into importation shall use the State as their point of distribution of their Goods
e. Commit to actualization of Industrialization and upsurge of Companies in the State through public-private partnership.
f. Promote the manufacture of basic consumables of the people in the State within the realities of demand.
g. Promote the purchase, usage and export of our local content.
h. Reactivate Ebonyi State Pipe Production Company.

Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru Honourable Speaker of Ebonyi State House of Assembly and All Progressives Congress (APC) Gubernatorial Candidate of Ebonyi State.