1. Resolving of over 200 disputes cutting across all the Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.
  2. Purchase of Amoured personnel carrier {APC} at the cost of N325m for Police Command in Ebonyi State to enable them Combat incessant violent bank robberies and Communal Clashes.
  3. Procurement of a giant generating set at the cost of N25m to the Police in Ebonyi State to ensure uninterrupted power supply at the Force Head-Quarters, Abakaliki.
  4. Purchase of bullet-proof vests for the Police in Ebonyi State at the cost of N15 million.
  5. Re–roofing of Police Headquarters buildings at Abakaliki worth N20 million.
  6. Purchase of Vital Security Gadgets also for the Police at a total cost of N31 million.
  7. Procurement of Ambulance at the cost of N65 million for Nigeria Prisons Service, Ebonyi State Command to enhance their services.
  8. Donation of Hilux Vans to the Police in Ebonyi for effective patrolling/policing
  9. Purchase of a giant generating set for Prisons Headquarters in Ebonyi State at the Cost of N5 million.
  10. Organized Workshop for Chairmen of 13 Local Government Areas and also for Co-ordinators of Development Centres in the State on Peace Building, Conflict Prevention and Management.
  11. Sensitization and Advocacy visit to Communities and Local Government Areas educating Stakeholders on Conflict Prevention, Security awareness and Peaceful Co-existence.
  12. Maintaining close Liaison with all Security Agencies in the State.
  13. Procurement and Distribution of relief materials worth over N31 million to victims of Natural and Man Made Disaster in various Local Government Area in the State through State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA).
  14. Disarmament and submission of illegal arms and ammunitions to the Nigeria Police.


It is necessary to emphasize that within Eight years of the existence of this office, relative peace has been sustained in every nook and cranny of Ebonyi State through the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism.

It is clearly on record that within Eight years (2007 to 2015) over Two Hundred (200) number of complex cases which have lasted several years have been completely resolved without fear or favour while over Forty pending cases are under various levels of completion.


The challenges confronting the department centres mainly on;

  1. Office accommodations for officials in the department.
  2. Equally, the neglect of invitation by some individual or groups hinders the activities of the Department.
  3. Non availability of official vehicles for conveying of staff during a mediation visit.
  4. Inadequate training of staff in the Ministry.


The future of security management, conflict resolution and disaster reduction/management in the State is very promising. The State Government has been favourably disposed to matters relating to peace and security. The government is, indeed, conscious of the fact that no meaningful development can take place in a situation of anarchy. It is envisaged that the State Government shall effectively police the State through the provision of security vehicles, equipment, APCs and installation of a state-wide security video surveillance system. This will enable the security agency and our department to monitor the security situation in the entire state especially at the flash points from a control room. Furthermore, to supplement the efforts of the security agencies, the State Government through the Divisional Police Officers {DPOs} shall set up vigilante groups in each ward in the state.

Furthermore, the Department organized a sensitization workshop for Chairmen of 13 Local Government Areas in the State on peace building, maintenance and management. The Department also successfully carried out sensitization/advocacy campaigns in the 13 Local Government Areas of the State.

The Ministry shall in the course of 2016 mount a sensitization/enlightenment workshops, seminars, talk-shops, advocacy on peaceful coexistence, peace building, security, Management, disaster reduction and management for the 64 Development Centres and 13 Local Governments of the State.

In the course of our sensitization campaigns, we shall bring to the fore the attitudinal change policy of the State Government and Community Policing Law.

  1. Furthermore, to supplement the efforts of Security Agencies, the Ministry through Divisional Police Officers (DPOs) shall sustain the vigilantee groups in each ward in the State, Equally we shall establish desk officer in charge of conflict in each of the Local Government Areas who will be reporting to the State Government for early intervention.
  2. There is also the need for yearly Sensitization/Enlightenment Workshops, Seminars, talk-shops, advocacy visits for Peaceful Co-existence, Peace Building, Security Management, Disaster reduction and Management for the sixty – four {64} Development Centres and {13} Local Government Areas of the State.
  3. The Ministry should also liaise with the Office of Deputy Governor, and Boundary Committees to ensure Peace and Security in all Borders across the State.

Finally, the containment of disputes shall create an enabling environment for the realization of government’s policies and programmes and stem unnecessary distractions and wastages of lives and property.