The Ministry of Works and Transport is subdivided into five functional Departments. The divisions are for administrative convinence and for the delivery of policy thrust of the Ministry. The Departments includes, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Planning Research and Statistics, Finance and Accounts and finally Administrative Department.

These Departments are manned by highly trained and professionally competent personnel employed and posted to the Ministry by the Civil Service Commission of Ebonyi State. To complement these personnel, the State Government under the Leadership of Engr. Dav Umahi equally procured road construction equipments in addition to conducive office environment for optimal performance.

Objectives of the Ministry of Works and Transport

The broad objectives of the Ministry is to construct, reconstruct and rehabilitate urban and rural road networks in Ebonyi State. To achieve the above objective, the Ministry collects and maintains a scientific inventory on terrain, soil type and distance of all roads in the State. Designs and estimate cost of construction of selected roads.

Other objectives include:
  • To stabilize the public transport sub-sector of the economy and maintain affordable transport fare regime.
  • To ensure security of commuters by regular inspection of road worthiness of all vehicles to ensure that only licensed drivers and sound vehicles are permitted on the roads.
  • To organize training and retraining for professional staff to meet the challenges of their duties.
  • To provide landing sites at the river banks and construction of motor parks for convenience of commuters.
  • To ensure that necessary revenue to the Government is collected and remitted timely.
  • To liaise with other ministries or agencies of Government in delivery of service to the people.
There are two agencies in the Ministry of works and Transport:
  • EBROMA (Ebonyi Road maintenance agency)
  • EBOTRANS (Ebonyi Transport Co-operation)

These agencies as their names suggest, provide service in the road construction, maintenance and rehabilitation (EBROMA) and provision of road transport within and outside Ebonyi State.

The Co-ordination of the activities of the above departments and agencies rest on Hon. Commissioner for Works & Transport, Engr. Nweze Fidelis Kings (mnse) who is an experienced Civil Engineer. Directly below the Hon. Commissioner is a Permanent Secretary who is vast in administration of personnel. In terms of policy matters, the Hon. Commissioner takes directives from the State Executive Council chaired by His Excellency The Governor of Ebonyi State, Chief Engr. Dav Umahi.