The Ministry of Works and Transport is subdivided into five functional Departments. The divisions are for administrative convinence and for the delivery of policy thrust of the Ministry. The Departments includes, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Planning Research and Statistics, Finance and Accounts and finally Administrative Department.

These Departments are manned by highly trained and professionally competent personnel employed and posted to the Ministry by the Civil Service Commission of Ebonyi State. To complement these personnel, the State Government under the Leadership of Engr. Dav Umahi equally procured road construction equipments in addition to conducive office environment for optimal performance.


To have quality, efficient, cost-effective construction industry within the State that is capable of meeting adverse needs for safe environmental friendly construction. Rehabilitation and maintenance of Roads, Buildings, Electrical and Mechanical Works and other works that facilitates social and economic development of the country.


To facilitate provision of economic, safe, environmental friendly and reliable construction industry, Electrical and Mechanical Services, Government buildings that meet the needs of the public through the development and implementation of appropriate policies, strategies and standards of the State Government.

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