1. To advise government on all physical planning matters within the state;
  2. To ensure effective and efficient administration and Management of Land Resources in the State in the with the provision of the National Tenure Laws;
  3. To promote easy access to land by both private and public users and developers;
  4. To provide a frame work for optimum land utilization / development in the state;
  5. To harness the various sources of revenues open to the state government from Land transactions;
  6. To ensure regular maintenance of public building including furnishing and decoration.
  7. To ensure development and implementation of various housing policy for the state.
  8. To design and establish control of network at different orders for appropriate spatial geo-reference of all land-related information with the state.
  9. To ensure development of land use activities in order to enhance convenience, safety, as well as to preserve the areas of historical / architectural interest to the state.
  10. To control development of buildings and other land use activities in the state through enforcement of schemes, building codes and bye-laws;
  11. Initiate and prepare urban master-plans for Urban centres of the state;
  12. To ensure development and maintenance of a digital cadastral data base.
  13. To prepare neighbourhood layouts, residential, commercial and industrial layouts for the state.
  14. To ensure production of up-to date graphical map of the state
  15. To demonstrate and maintain survey records of the state boundaries;
  16. To initiate, develop and contract housing estates, access roads and other infrastructure necessary in modern layouts.
  17. To promote housing delivery in the State through Private Participation Initiative (PPPI)