1. Re-acquisition of the army land measuring about 984.6 hectares for the development of a City called Ochu-Udo and acquisition of Land at Amasiri and Amangwu Edda and Afikpo North and South Local Government Area respectively; measuring 604.2 hectares to exchange for the acquired army land. The Ministry has completed the perimeter survey of the two acquired land including the Parcallation survey.
  2. Acquisition of Land for Federal University Ndufu Alike, Ikwo.
  3. Acquisition of a parcel of land by N. N.P.C. for the establishment of Mega Filling Station at Afikpo.
  4. Acquisition of land for Rice Mill Cluster at Oso Edda, (South) Ikwo (Central) and Iboko (North) Senatorial zones.
  5. Acquisition of 10.1 hectares of land at enyim village in umuoghara ezza north local government area for waste collation centre.
  6. Acquisition/ compensation on strip of Land to Ocho-Udo city (28.3).
  7. Contraction and equipping of 27 pilot boarding school in the 13 Local Government Area of the State, including the completion of GTC, Agba.
  8. Construction of security fence, State Housing Staff Quarter and additional classroom blocks for the pilot boarding schools in the state.
  9. Completion of the master plan including the engineering drawing for water supply net-working and electricity supplies, road, and the central sewage for the proposed Ocho-Udo city and the architectural of the State Secretariat Complex at Ocho-Udo city, in collaboration of Abakaliki Capital Territory Development Board.
  10. On-going construction of Secretariat Complex at Ocho-Udo City, Abakaliki.
  11. Completion of automation for Land registry. Constant issuance of recertification of Certificate of Occupancy, New Certificate of Occupancy and other documents.
  12. Acquisition designing and development of International Market.
  13. Acquisition and relocation of quarry operations to Umuoghara quarry sites.
  14. Payment of compensation in respect of land acquired by government.
  15. Inspection and valuation of government properties in Lagos, Abuja, Aba and Enugu with a view to reposition them for more profitable returns to the State.
  16. Crop enumeration and assessment for comprehensive on both private and public properties affected by government lands / property acquisition.
  17. Designing, Parcellation and opening up of access roads at Ocho-Udo and Umoghara sites for the relocation of quarries.
  18. Settlement if Land Cases.
  19. Supervision of EBSU Administration Blocks International Trade Centres etc.
  20. Acquisition of 52,112 hectares of Land at Offia Ube Village in Ebonyi Local Government for Police Training College.
  21. Acquisition of 144,443 hectares at Akahifu Inyimagu Ikwo Local Government Area for Ebonyi Independent Plant.
  22. Acquisition of 28,809 hectares of land for Transmission Company of Nigeria at Okposi Umuoghara.
  23. Acquisition of 64, 58 hectares of land for NUT Housing scheme at Ndiechi Onuebonyi and Ogbuchie Amachi.
  24. Acquisition / Payment of Compensation in respect of Land acquired by Government at Rice Mill Cluster at Ikwo and Iboko.
  25. Completion of Green Park Project at former kpirikpiri Market along old Enugu Road.
  26. Completion of International Conference Centre.
  27. Completion of Administration Block in EBSU Permanent Site.
  28. Completion of Government Technical College Agba.
  29. Completion of Mami Market Nkwagu Cantonment.
  30. Construction of one storey Dormitory at Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic uwana;
  31. Completion renovation of Commissioner’s Quarters.

On- Going Projects

  1. Construction of two number storey Hostel Blocks and one number lecture Auditorium Steel Panel structures at Ebonyi State University Permanent Site.
  2. Construction of International Market.
  3. Fencing of Ebonyi State University Permanent Site.
  4. Fencing of Ezzangbo Housing Estate.
  5. Renovation of Deputy Governor’s Lodge.
  6. Fencing of State Library at Nwele Street.
  7. Construction of Ocho-Udo recreational park.
  8. Opening of road at Ocho-Udo City.
  9. Parcellation Survey at Ocho-Udo City.
  10. Setting out of all roads in Community Layout Zone 17.19 and 15 at Ocho-Udo City.
  11. Designing of NUT Housing Scheme and Special School of Igbeagu.
  12. Clearing of University Boundary for Fencing Construction and Ocho-Udo Green Belt.