1. Annual Training for Lawyers: Since the creation of the state in 1996, Lawyers in the Ministry attend the Annual Nigerian Conferences of the Nigerian Bar Association which give the lawyers opportunities to keep abreast of current development of the law in the country. These conferences also serve as avenues for regular continuing legal education of lawyers in the Ministry. In addition to the Annual General Conferences, the Lawyers also attend seminars and workshops.
  2. Attendance to statutory meetings The Honourable Attorneys-General attend all statutory meetings at Abuja as required by the law.
  3. Training and Conferment of Justice of the Peace The Ministry organizes the training and the conferment of Justices of the peace to deserving persons routinely. In this, laymen are trained and conferred with Justice of the peace as required by section 10 of the Magistrate’s Court Law of Ebonyi State.
  4. Participation in Goal Deliver The Ministry through the directorate of public prosecutors take active part in goal delivery sessions regularly organized by the state chief judge to set free deserving prison inmates in the spirit of prison decongestion.
  5. Prison Decongestion In addition to participation in goal delivery activities, the Ministry engages in other forms of prison decongestion through prompt vetting of case files sent to it by the police. On careful study of a case file, the Ministry discharges those who do not have any case to answer from facts disclosed from their respective case files.
  6. Estate Management Through the office of the Administrator-General/Public trustees, the Ministry assists in reconciling families torn apart by Conflicts over sharing the Estate of their benefactor who dies intestate. In some deserving cases, the Administrator-General manages the estate for the beneficiaries to avoid rancour and acrimony among survivors of the deceased.
  7. Human Rights Protection The Ministry runs a human rights desk where remedial services for human rights violations are provided free of charge.
  8. Staff Welfare While performing other functions for the society, the ministry provides robust welfare services to its members of staff.