Located in Block 4, First Floor Centenay City, Abakaliki. The Ebonyi state ministry of justice came into existence on the creation of Ebonyi state in 1996. Since its the ministry has been discharging its responsibilities very creditably. It has provided and served as a legal shield to the state government, its agencies, parastatals and extra-ministerial departments.

Within the nineteen years of its existence, the Ebonyi State Ministry of Justice has had six Attorneys-General/Commissioners for Justice including the present Attorney-General/Commissioner for Justice. These are:

1 Chief Kate Onwe 1996 - 1999
2 Chief Okeagu Cletus Ogada 1999 - 2003
3 Chief Jossy Chibundu Eze 2003 - 2005,2007 - 2011
4 Barr. Vincent Nduka Nwokpor 2005 - 2007
5 Dr. Benjamin Obasi Igwenyi, MON 2011 - 2015
6 RT Hon. Augustine N. Nwankwegu 2015 - 2017
7 Barr Cletus Nwokoro Ofoke November 2017 - date

Also, within the period under review, five Solicitors-General/Permanent Secretaries have had the opportunities to serve in the Ministry. They are

  1. Mrs Oti
  2. C.N. Oji Esq.
  3. Opoke Odu Esq.
  4. Simeon O. Alo Esq.
  5. S.U. Ewa Esq.

Following the exit of S.U. Ewa Esq.to the Federal service in the year 2013, the Ministry is without a substantive Solicitor-General/Permanent Secretary; howbeit, Chief Jonathan M. Okoronkwo, a Director in the Ministry has been acting in the capacity of SG/PS.

Though the Ministry of Justice is a department of the Government of the Ebonyi State, for administrative convenience, it is divided into sub-departments (internally referred to as departments) and units. Some of these departments are legal while others are non-legal. The legal departments comprise of:

  1. Public Prosecutors;
  2. Civil Litigations;
  3. Legal Drafting/Law Review;
  4. Administrator-General/Public Trustee

The non-legal departments/units are;

  1. Administration/Supply;
  2. Finance/Accounts;
  3. Planning, Research and Statistics;
  4. Public Relations;
  5. Audit.

From legal staff strength of five lawyers including the Attorney-General/Commissioner for Justice and Solicitor –General/Permanent Secretary and a handful of non-legal staff at take-off in 1996, the Ministry now has thirty nine law officers and about fifty non-legal personnel.

In the organogram of the Ministry, the Honourable Attorney-General/Commissioner is at the top. Directly under him is the Solicitor-General/Permanent Secretary. Following the SG/PS are the departmental heads, heads of units, law officers and other non-legal staff, in that order.