Ebonyi State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources is located at State Secretariat Complex, Opposite Unity square, Abakaliki.

Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Abakaliki ,which has Chief Moses Ogodoali Nomeh as the Honourable Commissioner, is saddled with the responsibility of the formulation and implementation of agricultural policies and programmes of the state.

The ministry has eight (8) Departments, six (6) Units and five (5) Parastatals which help in carrying out the functions.


The vision of the Ministry is the achievement of an accelerated pace of agricultural development and make it a major revenue earner for the state.

Raising the farmers’ purchasing power by increasing their real income and improving the quality of life and living standard of the farmers and rural dwellers.

Increase in food production to ensure attainment of a level of food security that will generate availability and affordability of food commodities to the populace.


Promotion of crop production, processing, preservation, packaging, storage and marketing.

Promotion of increased application of modern/improved technology and management to agricultural production, processing, storage and distribution, so that agriculture can be more responsive to the demands of other sectors of the state economy.

Development and optimum utilization of human resources for the agricultural sector of the states’ economy, particularly at sub-professional levels.