The Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources has been in existence since the creation of Ebonyi State in 1996, and has achieved a lot for Ebonyi state. They are:

  1. In 2008, 25 unemployed graduate youths were trained at Sunghai Agric. Centre and soft loans granted to them by Ebonyi State Government
  2. In 2009, another batch of unemployed youths was trained at the same Sunghai Agric. Centre in Benin Republic.
  3. In 2013, Ebonyi State Government procured twenty (20) tractors with accompanying twenty (20) sets of implements.
  4. In 2014, Ebonyi State Government trained about thirty (32) Ebonyians in various aspects of the programmes of Umuebe Farms for two (2) months.
  5. 1n 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in line with His Excellency’s resolve in the face of the dwindling oil price, to revive agriculture and make it a major revenue earner for the state has made efforts in the following areas:
    1. Creation of comprehensive database of all co-operative societies and commercial farmers in the state to help in the planning of agricultural programmes.
    2. Convoked the stake-holders colloquium on moving Agriculture forward in Ebonyi State.
    3. Facilitated the release of fund for the conveyance and installation of parboiling plants in the 3 (three) government rice mills.
    4. Demonstration of farm implements/machines and the training of Ebonyi farmers/youths on the usage of the farm implements/machines.
    5. Approval of the accessement of N2b (twenty billion naira) Agricultural Credit Scheme in rice production and the disbursement of N20,550,200.00 (Twenty million five hundred and fifty thousand two hundred naira) to 20 (twenty) rice farmers co-operative societies in the state etc.